Postdoctoral Researchers

Christopher Poon (PhD University of Chicago; 2016-2019, Current Affiliation: Emergent BioSolutions)

Khosrow Khodabandehlou (PhD University of North Carolina Chapel Hill; 2016-2017)

Graduate Students

Sahak Makaryan (2016 rotation student, USC BME)

Jackie Masehi-Lano (2016-2017 research technician, Current Affiliation: Chief Scribe at Stanford Medicine – Primary Care and Population Health)

Lekshmi Pillai (2017 summer masters student, USC BME)

Undergraduate Researchers

Prajwal Bharadwaj (2016-2017, USC BME)

Sampreeti Chowdhuri (2016-2018, USC BME, Current Affiliation: medical student at Kaiser Permanente)

Timothy Chang (2016-2018, USC BME, Current Affiliation: dental student at Columbia University, College of Dentistry)

Kayley Cheng (2017-2020, USC BME, Current Affiliation: Biomedical Engineer II at Medtronic)

Claire Conway (2019-2020, USC BME)

Clarence Dureg (2017-2018, USC BME)

Shivani Gupta (2017 summer, Current Affiliation: medical student at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School)

Kelly Zhangjingyi Jiang (2018-2019, USC BME)

Johan Joo (2017-2020, USC BME)

Taedong Ko (2018 spring, USC Accounting, Current Affiliation: Lotte Chemical)

James McComas (2017 summer, USC BME)

Sarah Milkowski (2017-2019; USC BME, Current Affiliation: Abbott)

Victor Ong (2018-2019; USC BME, Current Affiliation: USC PhD Student)

Manjima Sarkar (2016-2017, USC BME)

Alex Tseng (2017-2018, USC BME)

High School Students

Iris Hsu (2018 summer SHINE student, Current Affiliation: UC Berkeley Bioengineering undergrad)

Evan Kowal (2018 summer SHINE student)

Vivian Lu (2017-2018, Current Affiliation: University of Chicago undergrad)